home security cameras

Homes need protection from intruders and untoward incidents and the modern indoor security cameras do a competent job of thwarting attempts of breach by these elements. Thanks to technology, now we have camera surveillance for our interiors thus can fore-detect an unwanted situation and take immediate measures to prevent it. If you want adequate security you should install only the best indoor home security camera the UK and anything less than that will not accomplish what you wish.

Different types of security cameras for indoors

Network Surveillance Security plays a major role in the security of society and the same goes to business establishments. A high level of security is now being experienced by the society owing to these hi-tech CCTV cameras. Here are some of the top sought after CCTV cameras for home security. However there are many different types of cameras that are made for different situations and most people are not aware of this fact. This being the fact, it is important that you select the right camera for the right situation or the effort will prove to be useless.

What Are the Different Types of CCTV Camera?

  • Bullet Camera
  • C-mount Camera
  • Dome Camera
  • Day/Night Camera
  • PTZ Camera

Bullet Camera

In shape, these are cylindrical and long and are highly suitable for outdoors. Their strength is long-distance viewing, hence the outdoor preference. outdoor security cameras comes with protective casings to protect from dust, dirt and other airborne materials. With a mounting bracket the camera can be easily installed and available in the option of either fixed or varifocal lenses.

C-Mount Camera

These cameras are afforded with the ability to change lenses depending on the requirement. The detachable lenses enable you to change lenses according to the situation and aim. With the use of special lenses, the C-Mount Cameras can cover more than 40-feet distance and standard CCTV camera lenses will cover only 35 to 40 feet.

Dome Camera (Internal & External)

Dome camera is deceptive in design and the shape does not allow intruders to know, in which direction the camera is pointing towards. It actually creates an air of uncertainty for the intruders and forces them to abort their breach attempts. Vandal-resistant features and Infra-Red Night Vision are other special features of the camera. This could be one of the best indoor security cameras you can have for home security.

Day/Night camera

These cameras are able to operate both in normal and poor visibility situations. These come with extra sensitive computer chips which allow them to record images even without infrared. You can easily replace the IR camera with this for outdoor surveillance when the infrared cameras do not give optimum performance.

PTZ (Pan Tilt & Zoom) Camera

PTZ or Pan/Tilt/Zoom camera allows panning from left to right and tilting movements of up and down when installed. And the equipment allows the zooming of the lenses to far distance or bring it closer. These are installed in situations where security personnel or surveillance expert is operating a security system live. The camera can capture images up to 200 meters with IR night vision and can zoom to the extent of x36 optical zoom. Images produced by the camera are of high resolution and high quality

The Best indoor home security camera UK can be found among these types and you will require a Home Security Agency to spot them for you.