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DMAX-A Intelligent Neck Massager Smart Cervical Massager Pulse Infrared Heat Neck Shoulder Physiotherapeutic Acupuncture Magnetic Therapy. The electrical pulse signal is transmitted through the skin and acts directly on the sensory nerve cells to remove blood and pain. This product is 3D smart fitting technology. You can easily position the electrode according to the neck curve. It has 3 Modes for Automatic, Relaxation and Vitality. Choose different modes according to varying degrees of fatigue and relaxation needs. The intelligent Neck Massager has15 stages in according to the feeling of the skin, adjust different frequency intensity to achieve ideal relaxation effect. The 42℃ heating sensory temperature can relax neck muscles more comprehensively and enjoy heat energy SPA. The neck massager will automatically turn itself off after 15 minutes to avoid overuse. The intelligent Neck Massager Massage adopted in the shape of the letter U is compatible with streamlining and ring-type design with a human cervical neck. Please note that the red light will not flash when fully charged. The intelligent Neck Massager is a Unisex product, suitable for all skins, Neck, back, legs and waist
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