DAMAX-A Ultrasonic 3 In 1 Massage Cavitation Galvanic Infrared EMS SPA Body Anti Cellulite Skin Care

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DAMAX-A Ultrasonic Infrared Slimming Machine Replace All kinds of exercises, all sorts of diet tea, all vegetarian, make you feel more healthy and sexy. The Ultrasonic 3 In 1 Massage Cavitation Galvanic Infrared EMS Fat Burner SPA Body Anti Cellulite Skin Care Infrared Fat Removal Therapy Beauty Slimming Device

3 in 1 Multifunction Beauty Machine: EMS + Infrared + Sonic, helps you burn the fat and tighten your skin

Infrared Function: Red Light: 620-630nm Red Light is anti-ageing and skin-beautifying, deep into the bottom layer of the skin on the surface layer, couldn't feel anything, but if you keep to use it, will look your skin became much better, improve skin roughness and increase skin elasticity.

Sonic Function: Through High-Frequency Microseism: 1,000,000 times vibration per second, accelerate the burning of body fat, dissolve body fat effectively. which can good for absorption of nutrition, can increase the deep skin temperature, which can accelerate metabolism and evacuation of tissue waste, promoting body slimming.(for Sonic button, drop some water on the pad to check the ultrasonic and vibration, if you see the water up and down, means the sonic button is ok.)

EMS function: It can stimulate muscles with micro-current and force the muscle to move. Turn on the EMS mode, 5 Modes of EMS (Tapping, Massage, Knead, Scrapping, Slimming)


  • 💪🏽 [3 In 1 Multifunction]: Ultrasonic cavitation reduces fat, EMS and infrared treatments improve cell activity and tighten skin. Three super slimming technology in one machine, the effect of firming and shaping the body simultaneously.

  • 💪🏽 [EMS MASSAGE]: It can stimulate muscle with micro-current and force the muscle to move, eliminate fatigue and muscle soreness (5 modes of Tapping, massage, knead, scrapping and slimming on the left side of the device and with 5 intensity selection)

  • 💪🏽 [Red / Blue Light]: Red Light can accelerate the blood circulation, remove wrinkles, tightening skin and anti-ageing, apply for any skin. Blue Light avoid skin inflammation and leaving scars, and it can adjust sebum secretion condition, apply for sensitive and oily skin.

  • 💪🏽 [Ionic Function]: Negative ion can effectively lead nutrition deep into the skin and make skin fully absorb nutrient; positive ions use with clean cream, suck the dirt residue out, clean the skin deeply

  • 💪🏽 [ULTRASONIC THERAPY]: 1MHz ultrasound can detoxify the lymph system and improve body metabolism and body circulation, remove surplus water from the skin and eye pouches, and reduce wrinkles &lines by promoting the generation of youth collagen

    *Effective ultrasonic facial and body beautifying massager.

    *EMS skin and body slimming and toning machine. Skin rejuvenation infrared heat therapy device. *Enhance skin texture, anti-wrinkle, helps fight fatty areas, tightens.

    *Quickly and effectively reduce and give relief from severe chronic back pains, other sorts of body aches.

    *Regulate internal secretion and accelerate consuming of fat, realize the dreams of body slimming.

    *Mini and stylish appearance, convenient to carry, easy to use.

    *For both facial & body use

    Package includes:

    *1 x 1MHz Ultrasound massager

    *1 x Power adapter

    *1 x Wire

    *4 x Pad

    *1 x User manual


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