DAMAX-A Smart Plug WiFi Socket Alexa Echo Smart Plugs Voice App Control Timer with WiFi 2.4GHz




DAMAX-A Wifi Smart Plug Home Automation Phone App Timing Switch Remote Control Input & Output Voltage AC220V-230V, Wireless type: Wi-Fi 2.4GHz Wifi Smart Power Socket.


  • 《Smart Plug More Secure》Up to 13A (Max) of electric current and 2900W of power, it is safer than other 10A plugs

  • 《Free Wi-Fi Control only supports 2.4G network》Turn electronics on/off from anywhere with your eFamilyCloud app. Support Wi-Fi 2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n wireless network. Socket Wifi No hub or accessories required

  • HOME AUTOMATON》Remote power socket Turn on/off your home device at your fingertips to facilitate your life. Universal for most electrical appliances such as fan, water dispenser, water heater, electric pots, TV, humidifier, light, holiday decorations and etc. with pre-set On/Off functions

  • 《Timing Control》 Schedule automatically. Create on/off schedules or set auto-off timer routine to work automatically by wifi plug socket. E.g: schedule the air conditioner or radiator to turn on before you arrive. Auto-off function turns lights and other devices off after X minutes or hours every time you set them on

  • 《Compatible with Amazon Alexa/Google Assistant》Searching "eFamilyCloud" skill in Alexa App to control the plug with your voice, name each Smart Plug and communicate them by voice. If you use this Smart Plug together with Echo, you can command your Echo by saying: "Alexa, discover my devices", then your Echo will automatically scan the devices that have been previously linked with the "eFamilyCloud" App, this process will take around 20 seconds, your Alexa Echo will show you result

  • How to use the smart socket:

    1. Download and install the Graffiti Smart App (APP Name: Smart Life) from your mobile app store.

    2. After the APP is installed, please select your current country to register and activate the account.

    3. Power on the smart socket and press and hold the reset button until the LED light flashes blue and red (pairing status).

    4. Open the downloaded graffiti smart app and click “+” and “Add Device” in the upper right corner.

    5. Select the device type as the outlet.

    6. Confirm the smart socket, in the pairing state, and then select it on the APP, "Confirm that the indicator light is flashing."

    7. Fill in the password of the mobile phone connected to Wi-Fi (ie router password) and click to confirm. If your phone is not connected to Wi-Fi, please connect to a Wi-Fi network (home network) first.

    8. Wifi enters the pairing link, please wait (about 2 minutes) until 100% of the links are successful.

    9. Click the Finish button to enter the mobile APP control interface.

    10. If you need to change the name of the smart socket, click “....” to enter the setting interface, which can be customized according to your usage habits and the device being used.

    Remarks: For restarting or re-provisioning, if you need to disconnect the smart socket from Wi-Fi, you can press and hold the 3-5 second socket button until the red Wi-Fi indicator goes out, and then start from step 3.

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